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When machines need help

Image of a Go Board
Image courtesy of an edit of Donar Reiskoffer’s original image by Fcb981 on English Wikipedia

The following is a work of fiction

The CEO of ThinkWell resigned this morning after coming under mounting pressure regarding a string of identity fraud cases traced back to the company. Specifically, the crimes have been connected to the IP address associated with Xena the world beating Go machine. Continue reading When machines need help

Social Media and Isolation

Faced with another article on technology and isolation, my hands run down my face. It has become tiresome.

Person in a buble
image via dingatx on Flickr on creative commons

The idea that we are more connected and yet more alone than ever perhaps reached its zenith with the video “Look up”.

It engaged a lot of us and I’ll admit to being one of those who originally shared it. I’ve since regretted that. Continue reading Social Media and Isolation